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    So glad X is not in that crap league anymore.
    It is really fantastic that we are not in that league anymore. Just looking at our remaining 10 games left compared to Dayton's remaining 10 games left, the additional opportunities we have for quality wins is astounding.

    Xavier: 7/10 are Top 100 RPI; 2 Top 25 RPI games
    Dayton: 4/10 are Top 100 RPI; 6 100+ RPI games, including 3 160+ RPI games. ZERO Top 25 RPI opportunities.

    That is a major competitive advantage. And I love it.

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    Are they seriously still going with Colonials? I am shocked there has not been campus-wide protest yet to change it.

    I am deeply triggered and disturbed by their sheer historical illiteracy and ultimate dork-hood.

    I imagine there will soon be a groundswell to finally rid the world of this indecency. Change to something snappy like the Recyclers or Sustainers.
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    Mack should address this in the post game. Colonials need to go. They need to burn fake George at the stake with a split screen on that grinning Mike Jarvis being thrown into the pit of Misery, Dilly Dilly.

    I can just see it now, Fake George is burned, Jarvis is flayed and thrown into the pit, but yet when you look at the box score, Shawta Rodgers still got 8 rebounds. I didn't know he still played, I didn't know he was even there, but that midget always gets like 8 rebounds.
    RIP Brian Dargin McCormick

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