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    The Year Is Not Over - So Lets Go Down Swinging.

    Thank You Sir May I Have Another!

    Last time we lost 6 games, we went to the Elite 8. It was fantastic.

    Now that wouldn't satisfy me, only because I always want more.

    You can argue that the last team that lost 6 in a row was much better. But you have history as your guide. You know those incredible results, how that team came together after losing 6 to make that incredible journey.

    I remember watching and reading this board at the time. People were not confident and the season was over. Of course those posters were and still are a bunch of pussies that tuck tail and run. I was a Champion. And I had Champions in that locker room!

    As I say every year, and as Skip used to say, A Season Is A Lifetime.

    Mid February, a lot can happen between now and then. This is just the right time to ramp up.

    I love this team and our players, and we have come so close many times and fail to get over the hump. Well the last game, we managed to get over the hump. And Hell Yeah!

    We won 4 straight A-10 Championships, but they weren't all regular season. You can mix and match.

    We are the current defending Big East Champions, and I am still game to defend the title. In fact, you can take my fucking Title when you pry it from my cold dead hands. Cause I am going to fight until the end, and every Xavier team goes down swinging.

    Outside the NIT or whatever the CBI was, every team in college basketball ends their season with a loss. As a fan I will admit this lends a negative aspect to the game, but it is what it is. Xavier has never won the National Championship, but we tend to go down swinging.

    I predict that this team is going to make us proud, and go down swinging.

    It has to start somewhere
    It has to start sometime
    What better place than here,
    what better time than now?
    -Rage Against the Machine
    Do not go gentle into that good night.
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
    -Dylan Thomas
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    RIP Brian Dargin McCormick

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    Haha love the call to get behind the team, they definitely need some support moving forward, and glad they stopped the skid. The next two games could be interesting into seeing how this team will respond and rally in the late stages of the season, Providence should have been a win the first time around, and Seton Hall is beatable as well. If they can win these two heading into Nova, I'll have a lot more confidence, but for now I'm still skeptical. There's a lot of issues this team still has, hopefully Q with a decently solid game last game is a turning point, if they can pick up intensity on defense, then anything is possible. Games aren't played on paper, but the last 4 are going to be brutal with Nova, Johnsies twice, and Butler. I'd love to see us trending upwards heading into the Big East tournament, but I'm not ready to jump on the bandwagon just yet.

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    Play well together - no more off nights for anyone - and play all 40 minutes.

    And let the damn game come to you: stay in the moment and don't panic your way into bad decisions.

    Do all that and let the chips fall where they may, but hopefully on our side of the table.
    X A V I E R

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    Yep... I think there weren’t specific expectations for this coaching staff and team other than to give their best.

    Practice hard.

    Keep working to get better each day... to play smarter... to continue to build chemistry.

    Remember the importance of finding your rhythm and leaving it all out there on the floor.
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    Not to nitpick but we won 5 straight a-10 titles. 6 if you count tournament titles.

    Forget it he’s rolling
    "The only time you take your hands off an opponent's throat is to get a better grip" - Byron Larkin

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    1000% behind this thread of Snipe (can't believe I'm saying this). I'm very much part of the silent majority here that loves this team and any Xavier team. Full support from me from Hawaii through New York and beyond. We are in the Big East ... the biggest negative has been some of fans seem still stuck in the A-10 mentality. I was embarrassed when former great Darnell Williams called out the "haters." How do we best be part of something that still has hope from 10th place to possibly be 3rd place? Or to play ourselves in out of nowhere come a Wed in New York - it's to get behind this coach and hard working team. Or would you rather be in third place right now ..... in the - it was right for us at the time, no disrespect - A-10?

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    No one can rally the troops like Snipe. His optimism is contagious, even if it is fueled by Jobu's rum.

    This thread would be incomplete if someone didn't say it...

    "All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz and I'm fine.--Jeff Spicoli"

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    Well...just because...why not?

    ...he went up late, and I was already up there.

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    I love how one win can change attitudes!! This team is competitive as hell and if they can somehow avoid nova and Marquette it’s possoble they could
    Win the tournament.
    If I was going to school for school, I wouldn’t have picked the University of Cincinnati. Dontonio Wingfield

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    I don't see an appropriate thread for this question so here goes: I am planning to attend tomorrow from CT, is there a pre-game meeting place for Xavier fans in Providence?

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