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    Quote Originally Posted by kyxu View Post
    Was at that game. I remember Jeff Robinson getting booed. It was sad.
    i must have intentionally burned this from my memory.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoMuskies View Post
    No, you're describing the game we lost because he fouled someone intentionally when we were tied.
    Yeah but he was such a nice guy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mistabeecee41 View Post
    i must have intentionally burned this from my memory.
    Those were dark days... quick turn around to get to an Elite 8, how many programs can say that?

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    So, I can't figure this out.
    My buddy (with whom I have season txs to Wofford) is a fairly well connected alumnus of the school.
    He was talking to another assistant coach who told him Lionel was with Wofford for about 3 weeks, and then got an offer to go on a NBA staff.
    Cannot find anything about it, but would be interested if anyone can.
    Was looking forward to connecting with him, but he seems to have moved on and they were happy for him.
    ...he went up late, and I was already up there.

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