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    ATTN: Coach Steele

    This should probably be in the recruiting thread, but let's be honest, this sub has been pretty dead. There is a local kid Coach needs to get in early on. Anthony Thompson. Class of 2026. Local kid from Lebanon. 7th grade...but should be a 6th grader. Either 11 turning 12 this summer or 12 turning 13 this summer. Tall, lanky lefty. Google him. Video of him hitting 25 3's in a rrow. Hit 40-45 total. He won the National free throw shooting competition 2-3 years ago. The head of the Dew's Academy in Cincinnati said he's one of the best shooters he's ever seen. Plays for an AAU team out of Michigan. My son said he is a very nice and quiet kid.

    Get to work, Coach Steele.

    I wanted to attach the videos of some of his workouts off Google...but my IPad is on its last legs.

    Switched to is one video.

    Edit: sorry. I guess it was only 24 n a row...still...he’s 12 at the oldest. Not bad.
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    Does this kids story sound like Damon Bailey?

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    Ha. Imagine how many more he might have made if that little kid didn’t yell out, “That is 23 in a row people!”’

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