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    Xavier's 2009 Class Predictions

    Xavier has two scholarships for the 2009 class with BJ and CJ graduating at the end of this season. Also if Derrick goes pro we could have an additional scholarship for 2009, but more than likely will hold that ship for the 2010 class.

    The Breakdown:
    Freshman: (5)
    Terrell Holloway PG
    Kenny Frease C
    Brian Walsh SG/SF
    Mark Lyons PG/SG (combo)
    Brad Redford PG/SG (combo)

    Sophomores: (4) Juniors: (2) Seniors: (2)
    Jamel Mclean PF Jason Love C BJ Raymond SF
    Andrew Taylor SF Derrick Brown PF CJ Anderson SF
    Dante Jackson SG
    Jordan Crawford PG/SG/SF

    Obviously we need a SF to replace BJ and CJ. Originally I thought that Xavier would take two SF in the 2009 class, but with the addition of Crawford we really only have room for one. Also it would make sense to recruit a PF for depth and in case Brown leaves. Also there will be someone taking a redshirt to even out the classes. In addition Crawford might not get a waiver and would be considered a sophomore in the 2009-2010 season.

    When it is all said and done I can see a 2009 recruiting class of Parrom and either Braswell, Williams, Fitzgerald, or Natyazhko. All in all two top 150 prospects.
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    I still like our chances with Parrom but I'm a little nervous about St. John's snagging him after his teammate committed there. In the end I think he'll realize he would have a better thing going for him at XU. I would really like to get two forwards in this class, preferably one small and one power, but I'd have no problem with another good 3 to go with Parrom. I'm not sure how many more guards we can handle before 2010, and by that year we will need a big man to backup Frease.

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    I think we have a better chance with Parrom than some might think. Omari committing to St. Johns will have no affect on King Kev. If he was going to go there because of Omari he would have already committed. Plus it has been common knowledge for about two months that Omari was going to St. Johns.

    I think we land two of the three of Parrom, Braswell, or Kryl.


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    who else does xavier have a chance of getting besides Kryl.

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