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    The Final 2%

    This is a message that I received from the Director of The Final 2% which is totally affiliated with Xavier. The effort is to make X competitive with all Division 1 programs in this area.

    “I have confidence we can compete well with NIL if we can energize the fan base more. We’ve got some rabid fans and some good momentum, if more can do a little to help, it will make a big difference. My screen name on XHoops is XUFinal2. This is what we put together for the monthly support to get started, idea being is let’s give fans some cool perks to feel closer to the program like X team merch, more time with Miller, collectible’s, etc for helping out.

    For anyone looking at the tax deadline today, they can do an one time donation too…
    Thanks and below is the link!”

    Just one last item. A big Xavier Fat Cat has offered to match all donations to the Final 2% fund up to $500,000 so the donations now mean a lot!!

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