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    Quote Originally Posted by paulxu View Post
    Amazing that no one has tracked down Mrs Peters yet to ask her.
    Maybe someone has mentioned this already, but anyone find it ironic that Huggins claimed it was Peters who picked up the peters?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue Blooded-05 View Post
    One of my favorite standup bits of all time:

    Warning: language NSFW
    I had no idea he heard me! Ha, this is great!

    If you look through my old posts on this board I was telling everyone they could eat a bag of dicks!
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    Caught this in an article from the Boston Globe:

    ..... The $1 million slashed from Huggins’s salary (how will he get by on a mere $3.2 million a year?) will go directly to the campus groups that support marginalized communities, and Huggins said he is donating another $1 million to Xavier’s Center for Faith and Justice and its Center for Diversity and Inclusion.

    I was expecting "sizeable contribution" in his case (to Xavier) to be in the $50,000 to $100,000 range. If he actually is coughing up $1mm to X, then I'm rather impressed.
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    Check article on Second Chances:

    Apparently, 1 million of his salary goes to WVU Carruth center and "other institutions supporting marginalized communities." Xavier gets "sizeable" contribution.

    Other sanctions involve a 3 game suspension and one year probationary contract with immediate termination for the same behavior.

    Old Bob dodged the bullet and is still hanging around. Maybe the portal transfer players will stick with him, and maybe WVU values teaching its students that winning basketball games is better than a good moral compass!

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