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    Crosstown Shootout - Rubber Penis Game???

    Quote Originally Posted by muskiefan82 View Post
    I need to know if the crowd really threw rubber penises on to the court. This is what the real question is here. LOL
    I figured this deserved its own thread.

    I have attended nearly every crosstown shootout Xavier home game for the past 35 years.

    I sat on the bench for the Handshake game. I was in the stands for the brawl and Mick Cronin trying to fight JP Macura. I was there when Dexter Campbell and Keith Starks wanted to fight each other. I cussed out Bob Huggins from the stands at the Cincinnati Gardens from the second row, sitting one section over from his wife. I have seen most every noteworthy moment in this rivalry over the past 3 1/2 decades.

    It don't endorse that type of behavior but rubber dicks don't belong on a basketball court, and my sophomoric sense of humor would have gotten a real kick out of such a move, regardless of the opponent. Throwing them on the court when we are playing UC, would be even more memorable especially if they landed at the feet of Bob Huggins.

    I am not naļve enough to think this could never have happened. But I sure think I would have heard about it at some point in this internet tavern of ours.

    Does anyone remember a single rubber penis (or multiple if that is the case) being thrown on the floor, in any game, EVER?
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