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Thread: Game Time

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    Frustrating that they cant line up these games so you know when you would play on Sat/Sun

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    I went to Vegas for March madness that year of the Wisconsin loss, or I would have been at the game in St. Louis, having many friends there.

    I got back from Vegas Sat night I believe and I came home with the flu. I spent all of Sunday sick in bed. Just what my then 7 months pregnant wife was hoping for upon my 4 days away in Vegas.

    The only beneficial thing was, I was so sick I barely reacted to that shot and loss and don't remember in detail that awful, awful game. More like a bad dream than a crushing reality.
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    Miller Time!
    With the noon tip on Sunday as the only contest, for the sake of the future of the program, Xavier needs to deliver under the spotlight. Make a statement immediately getting back to the second weekend in the first year of the Sean Miller regime. Peak Colby needs to show why he is on NBA draft boards. Boum, Nunge & Claude need to show why they are all-conference selections. Play a wire-to-wire contest. With all eyes on them, plant a big X on college basketball.
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