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    Yeah I think Jay Wright had a lot of things fall his way towards "building it right."

    An assistant under Rollie when the Big East was defining what college hoops could be, and then they won the championship.
    Was able to take the place of his mentor at a program that now had a history, but their expectations maybe weren't as high as they are now.
    While competitive in the old Big East, VU really was able to capitalize on their strengths in the new Big East, recruiting from a place of prominence with a league that has history, and he was now set to dominate with all the benefits. FS1, a market that was behind them, and to his total credit...he was liked by everyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JEHARDI View Post
    Not sure I get your point. The head coach is responsible for the culture of their program, so, that would be him admitting he was no match for Jay…. Which is obvious but also not exactly selling yourself for the job.
    The head coach is certainly a big part of the basketball programs culture. No question that the better the coach the better a program’s culture will be (I will get back to this in a bit). The team is also responsible for part of the culture. The previous coaches and teams are partly responsible, too. The current and previous administration are partly responsible. The current and previous students are partly responsible. The alumni and fans are also partly responsible for culture. There are many parts at a university that make up the culture. Jay Wright is one of the all-time great coaches in college basketball and therefore a huge part of their culture. He took a very good, existing culture at Nova and made it even better.

    My point is that I believe (i.e. it is my personal opinion) that Mack worded it this way to suggest that the fans and all support for Wright and basketball program there has always been exceptional which played into his success. While I do believe Mack is acknowledging Wright as being one of the best, I just think his wording comes across sounding like “Jay was at a place that allowed him to be that good.” As if he were saying “Had I had that best culture where I was coaching (X, Louisville), who knows what would could have been. I see it as a slight dig. Others can say I am reaching. I don’t think so. I think he would have stated that “Jay made the culture at Nova second to none.”

    The truth is that the culture at Nova os so good much in part to Jay for being one of the smartest, nicest, classiest coaches with an incredible ability to connect with his players and with fans and because he chose to stick around and use all of his skills and wonderful traits to help take an already good Nova program and university to new heights. When you are an all around special person and that stuff rubs off onto those around you ((I’m sure Jay would mention Rollie Masamino as such a person). We have seen a similar situation Gonzaga and Mark Few.

    You are never going to improve culture as a coach at a program when you come across prickly during press conferences or when you throw your coaches and players under the bus or when you act like you are better than others or when you secretly record your assitant during a meeting with him. That all hurts a culture. Jay Wright would never do any of those things. Jay was a winner on and off the court. He can look in the mirror today and say (without hesitation), “You are a good guy who did things the Wright way and the right way.”

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