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    Quote Originally Posted by GIMMFD View Post
    Dick Hole averaged 15.2 a game, with 1,132 career points!? What an absolute legend.
    I bet he got in more fights than Sue from A Boy Named Sue. No wonder why he was so good!!
    "You can't fix stupid." Ron White

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    Quote Originally Posted by noteggs View Post
    Not a joke my insurance agent years ago was Dick Burns Insurance.
    He also dabbled as an author. "Sliding Down the Bannister" by Dick Burns was on the NYT best seller list for years.
    "All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz and I'm fine.--Jeff Spicoli"

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    How do we start a petition to rename the Naismith Trophy to the Dick Hole Trophy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strange Brew View Post
    He and Hole later teamed up to invent penicillin. Facts...
    Must've went to UC, cause they do things like that
    Balls of Steele!!

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