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    Quote Originally Posted by xavierj View Post
    I agree and he is in a tough spot but I also do not think he has been given a fair chance but that’s just my opinion. What I don’t like on this board as there are some that want to paint him as an attitude problem, who doesn’t work hard, is a bad teammate and is pouting and I really do not think that is the case and I do not think it is fair to Kyky. He is a player on the team that we all want to see succeed who just is not able to crack the rotation right now. By all accounts he shows up and works everyday. Heard after the Providence game he was in the gym early taking part in a voluntary workout. Hope it all works out for him and I hope he can block out the distractions because I do think he will have a productive college career and hope it is at Xavier.
    I’m with you on everything else. No reason for me to believe KyKy is anything but a great teammate. Really this whole team seems to mesh extremely well. Unfortunately, he’s a victim of the oldest message board trope in the book - he doesn’t look excited enough!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AviatorX View Post
    Probably because he’s at the bottom of a crowded backcourt rotation where everyone ahead of him is playing really well or brings an element he doesn’t. If KyKy could play the 4, he’d be seeing the floor more right now.

    He’s in a tough spot because a better version of him ended up on the roster a year earlier than expected (and before he could cement that role himself). That’s a tough break, but this isn’t rec ball so if he wants to leave because of that he will.

    This whole conversation is weird to me when the team is playing well. I’d get it if Xavier was struggling.
    This is well said, because who's minutes is he going to take? His forte is a sniper from distance. That's a tough situation when a guy like Johnson comes in and currently leads the nation from distance %. Kunk comes in with the same rep and Jones doesn't seem to want to share many minutes for the same reason.... and it doesn't help his situation when all 3 excel in the other tangibles. Then there's the emerging CJ.

    Last year we had no consistent shooters, now we have too many.
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    why is scruggs not even tryng to finish or get fouls. That wraparound pass is not too effective compared to the skills he has including the pull up.l. Praying for Carter to hit these foul shots. Scruggs recently is puzzling to me. Strange body language..does not seem mad enough if he is ineffective. Even helps opponents up(i should like that but ..)

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    We won and that literally is the only positive I take from this game other than Colby emerging as a stud. I can think of no less than 10 head scratching, boneheaded coaching gaffe's. But we won, so i will save them for tomorrow.

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