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    Quote Originally Posted by markchal View Post
    loved what he brought last night, but it did have some Dontarius James vibes to it. Not sure he actually deserves regular minutes, but hope he stays healthy enough to practice consistently and have a good off-season. We desperately need his size and athleticism. It's critical that either him or Miles turns into a frontcourt role player next year.
    We recruited the kid. He needs to get some minutes to show what he can do. Its been 1.5 years. Yes, his conditioning I am sure is off. Its not like we have a bunch of talent he would be taking minutes from in the post.

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    If he earns them in practice and beats out Carter or Griffin, then by all means give him some time. But we're getting to crunch time, and we should be shortening the bench a little. Probably an 8/9 rotation is ideal, and with Odom/Kunkel pretty locked in, there will be probably one primary frontcourt sub (Griffin's to lose IMO) and then Wilcher/Tandy to consider.

    I hope Ramsey/Miles can contribute next year, but I don't think now is the time for them to get the chance to prove it. I'd rather go 4 guards/wings and Free/Griffin lineup as much as we can get away with.

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    Seems foolish to count on any minutes from Ramsey. Anything he can give is a plus. There's obviously a lot going on there.

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