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Thread: Colby Jones

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    Quote Originally Posted by xukeith View Post
    He plays very controlled and measured. He plays great defense. One thing he does need to improve on is perimeter shooting. He drives well and has a good handle. He really needs a better more reliable 3 point shot.
    How’d you like his 3 point shooting at the end of the Providence game? I have a feeling he will prove to be solid from 3 during his career at X.

    I think you are on the money about him being very controlled. Jones never looks like he doesn’t belong on the floor. No hesitation like you often see from freshmen, no looking around wondering where he should be. There is just something about this kid that is different and special. It not typical to see a freshmen having such a quiet confidence out on the court. Something I haven’t seen since maybe Trevon. He’s obviously not quite the prolific scorer from 3, but I think they both have this methodical way of getting the job done and making it look easy, but not looking overly quick or flashy when doing it.

    In fact, I remember a play where Jones was on the perimeter with the ball. He looked around, didn’t see anyone open and just decided his best option was to drive to the basket. There wasn’t even a clear lane. But he did it with such methodical confidence and calmness. He dribbled right past a few defenders and made an uncontested layup. It was like they were so surprised that it confused them and allowed Jones to easily slip by them. The entire drive to the basket and layup almost looked like it was in slow motion. I remember watching it and saying, “Well he made that look easy.”

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    Man, does he have a smooth game or what! And he seems to be getting better with each passing moment...confidence is certainly not an issue! If you want start your day of with a smile, compare Colby's stats to Trevon's freshman year. One could argue that Jones is more productive. Most all of the stats are similar, with Tre averaging a couple of points more but Colby's shooting percentages are noticeably better both overall FG% and surprisingly 3PT% as well.

    ALL BE is in his future.
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    All BE is absolutely in his future. I think an All American team is possible at some point, too. He is the future, I like him and Odom quite a bit.

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    love that Odom and Jones earned their way into the starting lineup with their defense first

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    What’s not to like at this point? He shows flashes of real brilliance and ability. The potential is really there. Can’t wait until he has a full year of weightlifting and conditioning.

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    Hart is a very good comparison. I see some Lonzo Ball as well.

    Describing Colby is funny because it sounds like old school cliche coachspeak. But with him, he does seem to have the "it" factor and is simply just very good at playing the game.
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