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    Quote Originally Posted by xu82 View Post

    I’ve pulled out my 10 foot pole!

    Respect. LOL
    We've come a long way since my bench seat at the Fieldhouse!

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    Quote Originally Posted by xu82 View Post
    They are getting better at treating it, and/or it’s becoming less lethal, but to say NOBODY dies from it is simply not true.

    I’m less concerned than I used to be, but still taking reasonable precautions for the sake of myself and others. Fortunately my wife’s test came back negative today, but she still feels like crap and I’ve pulled out my 10 foot pole!
    I'm glad your wife's test came back negative. It's going to be a stressful Cold and Flu season this year for many / all of us I think.

    I don't think I will ever understand the mentality of just giving in to COVID and hoping for the best. People are still dying (albeit at a lesser rate) and they are still going to hospitals. I imagine we would see the death rate go back up our hospitals become inundated with patients again.

    It doesn't mean we go into shutdown - It means we take whatever reasonable measures we can to control the spread until we have a vaccine as well as improved treatment methods.
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