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    We took the option of giving a deposit for the upcoming season, allowing us to avoid paying the full cost of our tickets. We won’t have seats this season, but we can reclaim our seats in 2021. With all the uncertainty, it seemed the best option for us.
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    Obviously Xavier is going to want to try get any amount of money they can from tickets- but I agree, logistical nightmare. You also don't really want anyone in probably the first 5-6 rows of seats so they don't infect the teams. All the precautions the teams are going through to make it happen and they get it from a fan? Can't risk that. 6 ft is what everyone is going off of- but somewhat ineffective if everyone is yelling/cheering....again, not that it matters- X will want to get as many as they are "allowed" to.

    I just don't see how it gets done. And if it does- will security make sure people are actually distancing? honor code? Would they have to ask people sitting together if they live in the same household?

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulxu View Post
    Boy this sounds really confusing.
    A family of four that lives together and has 4 season ticket would want to sit side by side.

    You come with a buddy for your 2 seats...and you'll want to have at least 2 seats if not 3, between you.

    Sounds like a logistics nightmare.
    I come from Indy with three other guys. 3 of the four of us have been going together for 36 years. If we can’t go together we have big problems. Won’t work for us to drive down alone.

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    I think you can only deal with season ticket holders. How many tickets they have is their number of attendees per game who will sit together. Then, based on this, you figure out how many can get in the first game. Then you move to the next group that didn't get in the first game and do the same thing. You do this for the whole season. Then, on the app, you would have to add the ability to trade between same sized groups in case the dates don't work out. You get the games you get and that's the way it is. I don't think you can start adding in who gets to go to what rivalry/premium game without adding too much complexity.
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