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    Season Wrap: 2019-20

    Ok, what the hell was that?

    I don't think I've EVER not wanted to watch XU play. But when they canceled the Dance I was secretly relieved that my misery was over. This was by far the worst year I can recall as a fan. For a number of reasons that go WAY beyond the Wins and Losses. Besides Tyrique, I didn't see a single guy out there that seemed to give a shit. I saw us run the same exact offensive and defensive schemes each game, in spite of the fact they weren't working to well. And it was just sloppy. But the WORST was the fact that we HAD the talent and that talent HAD experienced winning in the past.

    RIP, 2019-20.

    Now lets analyze WHAT THE HELL we just saw. I've got full team stats for XU and their opponents for the last 11 years. We can rank this years team offensively and defensively in a number of categories against prior years to see what was different. As you might expect, ALL teams have strengths and weaknesses, but some weakneses are just killers.

    OFFENSIVE ANALYSIS (pun intended)

    I'm offering both a qualitative and quantitative analysis.

    Qualitative: Ugly

    Quantitative: Ranking out of 11 teams

    FG%- 11th
    2pt FG%- 7th
    3pt FG%- 11th
    % of our Points from 3- 5th

    PAUSE! we were the worst 3pt shooting team in 11 years, but managed to have the 5th highest % of points from 3. That combination means a whole lot of misses.

    FT%- 11th
    FTA per game- 10th
    % of points from FT- 11th

    PAUSE! I know you cant practice GETTING to the FT line, but you can practice making them, right?

    Assist per game- 7th (not bad, considering the crappy shooting)
    % of made Shots from Assist- 7th
    Turnovers per Game- 11th
    Asst to TO Ratio- 10th
    % of turnovers NOT from a steal- 10th (these are passes out of bounds, offensive fouls, step on the sideline, backcourt, etc)
    Opponent Steals per game- 11th
    Opponent Blocks per game- 3rd (not bad!)

    PAUSE! Well, the silver lining here is that I think I've figured out why I cant sleep anymore....

    Offensive Rebounds per Game- 3rd (how could you NOT get offensive rebounds when you miss so many shots)
    Offensive Rebounds as a % of total misses- 8th

    PAUSE! Considering that Tyrique is our all time leader in ORebs per minute, I must wonder what the HELL were the other guys doing? Tyrique got 37% of the offensive boards. The next 3 guys COMBINED had 1 more than he did.

    Conclusion: see my qualitative analysis


    These are our rankings vs Opponents from 1 to 11 (as in this is the 4th best defense against FG% over the last 11 years)

    FG%- 4th
    2pt%- 5th
    3pt%- 2nd
    FT attempts per Game- 5th
    ORebs per game- 9th (again, ALOT of missed shots by opponents so expect some ORebs)
    TO per game- 2nd
    XU Fouls per game- 2nd
    Opponents PPG- 5th

    Not much to say here really. Other than the defense wasn't too bad, and certainly wasn't the problem. Whats weird is that last years team was pretty horrible on D, and yet most of the guys from this year were on that team. And last year we had Hankins. Was the difference Carter over Welage? Maybe a little bit of Freemantle?

    Anyway. A couple other tidbits

    Combined shooting % of XU and Opponents was 11th.
    Combined 3pt% was also 11th.

    As I was looking at the data, I couldn't help but notice the numbers for the 2012-13 team. I think I've buried the memory of that team. Jeff Robinson, Isiah Philmore and Justin Martin played 35% of the total minutes on that team and scored a TOTAL of 649 points...which is 27 points LESS than Trevon scored as a senior. I mean that team was BAD...and then 2 years later made the Elite 8.
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    This is really good stuff. Well done.

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    Nothing like realizing we were actually every bit as awful on offense as we all were feeling.

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    Boy, those numbers are gross to look at, helluva write up, but man.. we sucked this year.

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    OK, we didn't have such a great year.

    But I still would have liked to have seen us go to the dance.
    ...he went up late, and I was already up there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulxu View Post
    OK, we didn't have such a great year.

    But I still would have liked to have seen us go to the dance.
    I agree with this, I think if we snuck in, we would have caused a couple teams fits match-up wise, would have just been if we shot ourselves in the foot or not. Those last two games were painful to swallow though, wish it could have ended on a better note.

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    I'm glad that this season was shot in the head and put out of its misery on March 12. 2020. Enough already.

    Good job MHett.
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    Well... this is certainly the glass half empty approach. Let me present the glass half full approach:

    We won the shootout. Nearly won the Charleston Classic. Only lost 5 games to teams not named Nova/Butler/Marquette/Creighton (0-8) that clearly were bad matchups. No bad losses.

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    I found a stat that annoys me the most. This was the 4th straight season we committed more turnovers than our opponent. That is totally unacceptable especially when you have multiple buy games against what should be inferior competition.
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    Things that jumped out at me:

    3pt FG%- 11th
    % of our Points from 3- 5th ---- OUCH

    FT%- 11th
    FTA per game- 10th
    % of points from FT- 11th ---- TRIPLE OUCH

    % of turnovers NOT from a steal- 10th - OUCH

    Overall Defense wasn't bad and if we could have cured any of the above for any stretch of times this team was comfortably in the NCAA tournament and had an outside shot at the Big East Conf Tournament with the right draw. I keep coming back to it. Great collection of mismatched but talented players who couldn't figure out how to come together.
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