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    Quote Originally Posted by XU 87 View Post
    Wake has pretty much sucked since they fired Dino Gaudio.
    It seems like an odd time to get rid of him. Wonder if something pushed them to make a decision.
    "He's a little bit ball-dominant, he needs to have the ball in his hands, and he's not a good shooter." Ball-dominant isn't that a nice way of calling someone a ball hog? Where is my Jay Bilas Thesaurus?

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    ETSU's Forbes slated to go to Wake.

    SoCon is ACC training ground. Mike Young to VaTech last year.
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    Forbes is a great coach. Probably not good enough to win big at Wake, but I'm glad he's getting his payday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by X-band '01 View Post
    KWCH-TV - Grant Sherfield to Transfer From Wichita State

    GoMuskies, you are the eyes and ears of all things Wichita State on this board. Can you fill us in on why 6 Shockers are now in the transfer portal? Is Gregg Marshall about to take another job or could something happen that would get him axed from WSU?
    Speaking of Gregg Marshall: - Wichita State investigating Gregg Marshall

    Good luck to Marshall getting another job if the stuff reported here is true.

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