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    Xavier -3.5 vs Georgetown

    I think the whole season rides on tomorrow. We're either going to rally together and put the team back on the Tournament map, or we're going to completely fall apart. No Xavier team has followed the completely fall apart path in the last 40 years, so I'm betting against it here and plan to give the points. I think there's a good chance our guys come out inspired and run these guys over in front of a fired up crowd.

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    Just saw -5.

    Going to the sports book to place a couple SB bets today. Wonder if I should take the 5 points while I am there as well. I could see what you are saying happen GO but its just so hard to see us doing anything but eeking out a win against anyone halfway decent right now.

    Maybe GT moneyline and then I can get a little happiness out of my misery if we dont get a W tonight?

    In general though I dont like betting Xavier games so maybe I should just stay away.
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    I took a GT money line at +175 mostly because I felt it was good value. I thought -3.5 was a good line so I wouldn’t be surprised to see it regress back towards that vicinity. I agree it is a stay away as so much rides this game. Week off to prepare... season on the line... if we lose this it’s the last time we will see an opponent at +175!

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    Pretty close to an "actual" must win in January since more than I care to remember.
    Run the table.

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