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Thread: 2020 Bengals

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juice View Post
    I think Marvin did the best he could in that department. He couldn't stop them from the John Ross pick, another winner for Mikey boy.
    At least Ross was highly rated. Sample is a blocking TE who is not a receiver. Mind boggling.

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    This will make things interesting around the league. I won’t be surprised if the NFL teams don’t do something like X did when we all had to reseat. They’ll start with the oldest season ticket holder account and start going down the list. If you’re seats are too close to someone else who’s been a ticket holder longer, you’ll get to pick another location. They’ll keep doing this until all available seats have been allocated while maintaining proper social distancing. After that, you’re just out of luck for this season.

    The fly in the ointment will be seat licenses people have paid for. How much will the teams need to refund to keep everyone somewhat happy?

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