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    I think it's pretty simple. Up until X joined the Big East, UC was the biggest game on the schedule every year and combine that with the fact that Huggins UC teams were generally really damn good, it made for something relevant on the national stage.

    It's not relevant on the national stage one outside cincinnati cares, mainly because uc isnt relevant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xukeith View Post
    I believe playing the Shootout in December or November hurts with people splitting time to football/ high school, pro or college.
    I remember it used to be played on last Wednesday of January. It being now on ESPN or Fox and no longer on WCPO or Fox 19 forces the game to a not so peak time competing with football.

    I blame Huggs and Skip plus each AD for trying to calm it down so play it not interfering with conference season.
    Last night I watched the 1990 game on Facebook. The fans and players were so hyped (drunk?). The Gardens was 3 times as loud as Cintas.
    When I first started following Xavier the game was always in November or December. Lenny Brown's shot was in November. The classic 1999-2000 game against Kenyon Martin's team was in December. I know ESPN moved it a few times so it would line up with Rivalry Week, but I always thought that more often than not it was played prior to conference play. After looking it up, though, I see that you're right. It was almost always later in the year prior to the A10 era.

    Moving it may have had SOMETHING to do with it, but it was still pretty heated when it was in November and December. I think playing it ON THIS DAY in December is kind of a bad call, but if it were say...Monday, or next week, or sometime last week, or on virtually any day other than this one the national spotlight would at least be a little brighter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OTRMUSKIE View Post
    Remember when the coverage use to be a week long? There was a luncheon on mid week. All of this has changed because of Nancy zimpher. That lady took the fun out of everything!!!! Does skyline still sell the basketballs? I have a few of them in my parents basement.
    Skyline does still sell the basketballs.

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    Who cares about the national spotlight. We know what we have here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OTRMUSKIE View Post
    Does skyline still sell the basketballs? I have a few of them in my parents basement.
    Quote Originally Posted by bjf123 View Post
    Skyline does still sell the basketballs.
    For those looking for holiday gifts: My "neighborhood" Skyline was sold out of basketballs, but was quick to track some down for me. Picked up two. It seems that quite a few "Shootout" balls were sent way north of the city to various locations, and didn't sell as well (imagine that). If you are still looking, Skyline was very helpful, just ask.

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