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Thread: Baseball 2020

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    Muskies are out in Cali and so far hanging tough with the Dirtbags of LBSU. 2-2 in the 5th.

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    All in all, one win against the #17 team in the country this weekend ain't bad. Just hope the bats awaken before the team finally gets to play at home later this month.

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    I believe I read that the NCAA was giving all spring sports athletes an extra year because of the cancellations.

    What does that mean for high school seniors committed to X for next year in these sports? Will there be roster spots/scholarships, etc.?
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    This article is not much on specifics, but it does make seem like the NCAA did address these issues:

    The NCAA's decision will extend the eligibility of all spring-sport student-athletes -- not just seniors whose careers would have ended after the cancellation of their seasons -- and will allow schools to expand their rosters beyond current scholarship limits to account for incoming recruits and seniors who were expected to leave.
    The council also increased the roster limit in baseball, the only spring sport with such a limit, for student-athletes impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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