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    Quote Originally Posted by xubrew View Post
    Dayton is a lot better than Xavier right now. Dayton is a lot better than a lot of teams right now. They may have just played in a triple header that no one in Phoenix outside of the GCU fans really cared about, but they totally ran over a pretty solid SMC team. And, that's just it. Being able to get focused for a big opponent in a big event like Maui is a lot easier than getting focused for a good team in an event almost no one knows about. That's what they traditionally are so bad at doing, yet they blasted Saint Mary's yesterday.
    I watched that game. SMC being solid....I don't now about that. Yes, Dayton looks very good. Especially when the shots are falling. They look to have multiple shooters all over the floor. They will go through a rough patch......and we will see if they can peak in March.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoMuskies View Post
    Speaking of, nice "road" win for Liberty in Phoenix over GCU. 11-0 for the Flames.
    Their schedule has been a pastry cart, but I think Liberty is legit. They've got a few tests coming up, but they're good enough to win those games.

    A few years ago Liberty decided to dump a ton of money into athletics. I must say, they're getting noticeably better, and not just in basketball.
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