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This attempt at a Big East Media Day compilation video had me cracking up.

Feels more like a blooper video of the event.

Keep watching Q's face (starting at 1:27) - while Naji is answering a question . It literally looks like he's been lobotomized.

Steve Lavin and the other BE media dude are seen continually nodding in many different ways throughout the video without either ever saying a word.

Then the DePaul coach was taking so long with his answer in his interview that apparently the interviewer (at 3:51) figured he'd start catching up on his text messages.

Later (at 4:47) there is some magnificent camerawork: framing Patrick Ewing so we're looking at the back and side of his head and only half of the face of the guy interviewing him.

And finally... gotta love the music track likely added in an attempt to make the interviews seem cooler, but instead it only fights with the audio, making it harder to hear what the heck anyone is saying.
I think Q is regretting he ate that street dog earlier.