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    Quote Originally Posted by scoscox View Post
    D west won every player of the year award except the wooden I think. That’s the only poy award ford won instead of west. Kinda wild.
    Ford won the Wooden and the Naismith. West won the AP and some other award I’ve never heard of before or since, I think named after Oscar Robertson.

    T.J. Ford was one of my least favorite players of all time, and almost certainly the most over-rated. It was a joke that he won anything over West, but Ford was a Vitale/media darling for whatever reason. Look up the list of Naismith winners, and T.J. Ford sticks out like the sorest of thumbs.
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    yea, baffling to some extent that he won player of the year. scored a horribly inefficient 15 points a game and had 7.7 apg which was his calling card. Almost 8 assists is a lot, but to be national POY with that line is crazy. 27% from 3 and only 42% from 2. really bad
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    Quote Originally Posted by scoscox View Post
    The weird thing is that reags is from Kentucky and I think still lives in cincy although maybe he’s moved after getting full time at barstool. Still you’d think he would’ve been exposed to kyky a little more.
    One would think so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scoscox View Post
    Our last all-american was trevon. come on now
    I'm a complete idiot and deserve that, jeeze, unbelievable mental lapse there.

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