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    TBT Tournament: 2020

    Host Sites and Championship Site Announced. Really wish the X Alum would put a team together.

    Regional Host Sites
    • The Ohio State University (Covelli Center) - July 23-26
    • West Virginia (Charleston Coliseum) - July 24-26
    • Las Vegas (Cox Pavilion) - July 24-26
    • Jackson, Tennessee (Oman Arena) - July 24-26
    • Wichita State University (Koch Arena) - July 30-August 2
    • Syracuse (SRC Arena) - July 31-August 2
    • Washington D.C. (Entertainment and Sports Arena) - July 31-August 2
    • Florida (Polk State) - July 31-August 2

    Championship Week at University of Dayton Arena
    • Quarterfinals - Thursday, Aug. 6, 7p EDT & 9p EDT
    • Quarterfinals Day 2 - Friday, Aug. 7, 7p EDT & 9p EDT
    • Semifinals - Saturday Aug. 8, 12p EDT & 2p EDT
    • $2 Million, Winner-Take-All Championship -Tuesday, Aug. 11, 9p EDT

    "He's a little bit ball-dominant, he needs to have the ball in his hands, and he's not a good shooter." Ball-dominant Ö isn't that a nice way of calling someone a ball hog? Where is my Jay Bilas Thesaurus?

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    The one in Wichita was very successful...until the KU, K-State and Wichita State teams all were eliminated before the finals. Not surprised they're coming back, though.

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    Nice to see the Elam ending getting some attention.
    Run the table.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SemajParlor View Post
    Nice to see the Elam ending getting some attention.
    The 4th quarter of the All Star game was amazing.
    "Iím willing to sacrifice everything for this team. Iím going to dive for every loose ball, close out harder on every shot, block out for every rebound. Iím going to play harder than Iíve ever played. And I need you all to follow me." -MB '17

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