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    just cancelled my a reminder

    Did not want to get banged for another 29.95. Worked great and can watch archives until Sept 8.
    It worked great..well done and watched many games in addition to Xavier

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    I'm hoping to watch a few more. I made sure to cancel it by August 31st, just in case, but I have access until Sept. 12th! Good reminder though.
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    I tried to cancel my subscription tonight and a screen popped up saying I was unable to cancel my subscription at this time. WTF? I have until 9/10/19 to cancel...just seems strange that I am unable to cancel right now. Itís only $30. But I really donít want to pay for another month because it wonít let me cancel.

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    With FloHoops, cancel as soon as you subscribe if you know you don't want it for more than a month. They are jerks who believe in the "Gotcha!" business strategy. They are literally the only sports streaming service I've ever dealt with that will not work with it's customers.

    Their other specialty is for the exempt tournaments that they stream. If you only want to watch one game and not pay for the whole thing, then you can, but they make it kind of confusing and they won't refund the money if you select the whole tournament by mistake.

    I don't like them, but they are the only option for certain college basketball events, so I guess I gotta at least get along with them if I wanna watch.
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