This is kind of old news, but we've had yet another rare moment of the NCAA doing something that wasn't entirely asinine!! The idea was to invite 2400 college recruits to one of the four camps (each camp had two sessions, so it's 300 at a time), and invite all div1 and div2 coaches to attend, but virtually no one else. In my opinion here the biggest goal (whether the NCAA admits it or not) is to give coaches direct access to div1 caliber players without having to go through AAU coaches and handlers. Now, it's not as if the AAU is going to go away because if you want more access than the three days that the camp provides, you'll still have to go through the AAU coaches and handlers, but it's still a great concept. I think maybe they should do more and allow players to go to two camps instead of just one. The camps just wrapped up last week.