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    No. The list I made is year season began. If you change it to year season ended, it’s still team 99
    We've come a long way since my bench seat at the Fieldhouse!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xuperman View Post
    I believe Xavier played 1 game in 1919 as the official beginning of the Menís Basketball program. The start of the regular season in November marks the 100th year!!
    Xavier lost that 1 game on February 20, 1920 to udump 24-18.

    Probably why it's not being counted. 2020 will be the 100th year.
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    I forwarded this to Bob and he was very appreciative for the kind words.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 76Retired View Post
    I forwarded this to Bob and he was very appreciative for the kind words.
    That’s awesome! Not enough could ever be said about the significance of Bob Staak and the rise of Xavier Basketball, with an emphasis on his role as Athletic Director. One has to wonder, had he not been the right guy at the right place at the right time with the right vision, things could have easily gone in a much different direction.

    Quote Originally Posted by XU 87 View Post
    I was at that Marquette game. It was a beer can that got thrown on the court. It was actually a close game until Marquette pulled away at the end. McGuire ran the score up, as he was pressing up by more than 15 points with less than 2 minutes to go. I think Marty Wolf was lead scorer for X with about 12 points.
    The relationship with Marquette back in those days was an interesting one. The fact that they scheduled X on a “home AND away” bases for several years was a blessing in disguise.....with MU being a perennial powerhouse they really tossed us a bone. I would love to know more about what got that series started.

    Anyway, X was never really that competitive and eventually were going to run out of opportunities to get that unlikely W, until Coach Staak engineered that Gardens shocker vs Rick Majerus!
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