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    Quote Originally Posted by xu82 View Post
    I certainly hope he can have Miller’s intensity, but hopefully without sweating through multiple shirts and coaching while standing in a puddle!
    I think that was unique to Sean! That was almost a talent.
    X A V I E R

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    Quote Originally Posted by xudash View Post
    I think that was unique to Sean! That was almost a talent.
    I came home from tennis a little early today to see the Mrs off on her way to NYC for the week. I tried to kiss her goodbye but I was still sweating buckets, and she just gave me the Heisman straight arm! Karma baby! She got on the plane and texted a half dozen time about the ree-hah (Arabic for foul smell) of the lady sitting next to her. Better a quick kiss with me than 2.5 hours next to someone who smells like I did!

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    Just can’t wait. However, this is going to be a great year (I hope). Boy talk about decisiveness.

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