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Thread: Who Committed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by xudash View Post
    I know, but that's UL. He whiffed on a class or two before leaving us. That's where I'm coming from.

    My point is that Travis, so far, has certainly demonstrated an ability to close the deal with highly rated recruits, whereas Mack appeared to struggle accomplishing that.

    Whatever. Right now and moving forward, it's all about the 2% and NC's.
    True, hopefully we can avoid all the attrition of some of mack's classes as well
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    Quote Originally Posted by scoscox View Post
    One of the recruiting sites, espn I think, is super low on him or doesn’t have him ranked at all so it hurts his composite but he’s 44 in 247 and 60 something on rivals
    ESPN rankings (at least for football) are complete shit, so it doesn't surprise me that ESPN is the cause of Odom's ranking drop, hopefully they can get that sorted out, kind of a problem when two other sites have this guy comfortably in the top 100, and ESPN can't get that figured out.

    Quote Originally Posted by xufan2020 View Post
    Exactly, these assistants seem like real go-getters. Plus if Johnson can close on Carlson.. we need to keep these assistants happy at Xavier as long as possible!
    I think Hayes and Johnson will both become head coaches, but man, I'd really like for Xavier to keep onto both of them for at least a couple more years, the program is in pretty good shape because the entire staff seems to genuinely enjoy recruiting, it's part of the positive results we're seeing so far.

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