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It's a New Zealand/Australian league.

I think you will see more and more of this now that the payouts are starting to come to light at various schools.

David West is working on Historic Basketball League, https://www.hbleague.com/

I think basketball is going to shift or at least should for the top players, into a academy/senior team system like Europe and European soccer. The NBA and G league should have gone with that set up from the get go.
Yeah I just read somewhere that the Breakers actually pay decently well, that Corey Webster apparently is making $500,000k, so I'm sure he'll get a decent pay out, surprisingly enough, saw that a couple of the Barstool guys have some ownership into that team as well.

It would be interesting to see how the academy system works out for basketball, I mean I guess it's no different than schools like Huntington Prep that recruit guys to play basketball for them, just wonder what that means for college athletics as a whole, you cut out the top players in basketball, and is it still fun to watch? Is March Madness still as entertaining?