Hey look. I don't know if John Brannen is a good guy or not. All I know is that he is now the head coach of the Clifton Cretins and therefore the enemy. I look forward to building hate against him in some form. I do know one thing-those assclowns who are SucKS honks will always be the AntiChrist to me and I never want any good things in their basketball lives.

In the meantime, it is pleasant to see that Brooks has entered the Transfer Portal and that Cumberland has placed his name in the NBA Draft and intends on hiring an agent, although now that means he could still come back. I read somewhere that Samari Curtis was "rumored" to be reconsidering his LOI and was "thinking" of pulling away from the Borecats. Has anyone heard anything on this or has there been any report on this?

Any more word on the continuing drama as stories developed would be appreciated and posted here. Nice to see that clifton college is a steppingstone program in both football and basketball and that the unending Thuggins coaching string has finally been broken. That circus played in town way too damn long. Hope they enjoy their lives in the purgatory of the AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAC.