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    Rumor is Sam needed surgery during the year, and Wojo forced him to play through it. But idk, if a coach tried to force me to play through an injury that I wasn’t comfortable playing through on my own, I’d tell him to fuck off. Perhaps that’s what the Hauser’s are doing, but just a bit later.

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    Joey is giving up a year of eligibility by leaving too. Apparently he already redshirted a year which I was not aware of.
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    I did not see this at all..I pay attention to body language during the timeouts of Big East Games (I have a boring life) and I thought that they complemented each other very well. John rooted for Morrow and vice versa, Howard had to be the gunner(it is not fun to be "the man" all the time especially when things not going well but I thought he showed leadership) and I thought the Hausers were happy in their roles as option 2 and 2A. I even think Cain was happy with his reduced role (he had a good game against X last year and was a bit player with Joe Hauser on board). Man was I wrong and there is a story here. Hate to see a Catholic league school lose players to Wisconsin or Virginia and the loss of eligibility makes it very strange. Good luck to all

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