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    Quote Originally Posted by xu82 View Post
    So sad.....I never got the chance to see it, and now I know I never will. I hear they got a lot of the art out, that’s the only “glass half full” I can think of. I hope there was no loss of life or serious injury, of course.

    The cause of the fire still seems unclear. Can you imagine if some welder working on the renovation started this? You go home and the wife says “so, how was your day?” “Well..........”
    Reminds me of mark wahlbergs character in the other guys who accidentallY shot Derek jeter
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    Quote Originally Posted by JTG View Post
    I heard the fire dept took their sweet ass time getting water on the fire. Part of the reason it became a roaring inferno. That, and the fact the entire inside was wood. Considering it's surrounded by water that's odd, but it is the French after all.
    There is a reason they took their time, they followed protocol!!!
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    Thanks, XH community for keeping this topic respectful. the traditional social media outlets have moved beyond their period of being useful news bearers and devolved into a cesspool.

    I've been quiet on this. Didn't have the best Monday, and this news was just devastating. Saw the photos and videos and feared the worst. Then like some twisted stages of grieving saw the first aftermath photos on Tuesday. You know the ones, showing the altar, cross and even some candles intact and rows of pews ready for a congregation and heard the stone vault inner roof survived and thought. "This doesn't look too bad, maybe they can host Easter Vigil"

    Then the exterior photos came out, and better interior photos came out showing the gaping holes in the roof. We can be thankful there was no loss of life, and the Arts preservation plan was able to rescue a good deal of the artwork, relics and the Blessed Sacrament. All of which was taken to City Hall per the plan, and will be transferred to the Lourve for safekeeping and the attention of their art preservationists.

    I can't imagine the project France has just been handed. After assessing the current state, they will have to carefully consider if they want to embark on a restoration project or a rebuilding project, or just walk away. If a rebuid, do they demolish what is left and rebuild on site, or do they leave what's left, after being shored up and braced as a standing memorial. It would not be the first for that treatment. Either way, with said gaping hole in the roof, salvaging any remaining art, furniture, organs, and other items while minimizing risk of further weaking the structure or causing damage to the items is also going to be a chore. Particularly the bigger/bulkier items or the more challenging like the windows. The logistics of all that, I can't fathom.
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