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    It's Holy Week, which reminds me that Christ died for our sins and his capacity to forgive sins is infinite. With this in mind, I am going to put Tiger's past poor decisions and behaviors and focus instead on a redeemed career and pray that he's asked God to forgive him of all his past indiscretions. I assume if God has an infinite capacity to forgive, then who am I to not do likewise and forgive, Tiger, or anyone else for that matter. Tiger can just as easily be someone in my own life. The guy paid a big price for all the crap he brought upon himself, which was bad and hurt many people very close to him, especially his wife and children. But, I am not going to deny him the happiness he found hugging his kids after working very hard to get back to the top of the his game and hopefully a newly found decent way of life. I hope he keeps it going, if for no other reason, so his kids can see a good example of being able to turn around a life that went badly.
    Awesome! Thank you.
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