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    Quote Originally Posted by XU 87 View Post
    The players, their families, the coaches, some of the students, and the team's fans?
    That's repetitive. After you named the players, the coaches, and their families, you had already named the team's fans.

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    Not quite. There are several posters on here who travel to the Women’s Games and they are not members of a player’ family.

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    I'm also a fan. A total fairweather fan for sure, but if they're good I'll definitely pay attention. Thus, I can't name a single player for close to a decade.

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    i can name pretty much every player from the 2000 elite eight team, and most from that era, and a few from kevin mcguff, but that's it
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    Just a bit looking into our coaches background, social media (i.e. response from her players and other colleagues), it looks like we found a great fit. I'm excited for the future. As a real fan, a total real fan, I guess I just trust our AD that he's actually done is job and made the right decision.

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    Now that we have a REAL coach.. it’s time to trash Neal’s non-conference High School schedule and compete against a real D1 schedule. ��

    Let’s GO X!!

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