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    Basically they will be even in the amount of games on ESPN/2/U/ABC as they were this year. But all of the other games will now be headed to ESPN+ instead of on ESPN 3. ESPN 3 is slowly being phased out anyway. They will also be showing a ton more other sports on ESPN+ for the conference too. I'm willing to bet that the majority of games for UC, Houston, UCF, and Memphis will still be on the national networks just as they were this year. However, games such as Tulane vs Tulsa will now require a subscription to ESPN+ instead of just streaming on ESPN3.

    Also, the league still has to negotiate the CBS portion of this deal too. All said and done, I'm willing to bet the league ends in the ballpark of $8.5 Million a year for teams with both basketball/football in the league. Definitely no where near Power 5 money, but there is now a sizeable gap between the AAC and the other G5 conferences.

    Also of note, while no GOR was signed (smart decision) ESPN also gave themselves an out clause if one of the major properties leaves the conference. I think about everyone thinks there will be some sort of movement around 2024 when deals are ending, how that affects the AAC remains to be seen though. The most common thought is that the Big 12 gets shredded and the best of the AAC end up combining with the remnants of the Big 12 which would form a fairly decent conference.

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    but the majority of basketball games and a significant number of the football games will go to ESPN+.
    Somehow I think that would hurt basketball recruiting.
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