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Thread: Bengals '19

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    If he did sign him, I wouldn’t be surprised if Brown puts language in the contract that requires Kaepernick to be on the field and stand for the national anthem, showing no form of protest. Not sure how the NFLPA would feel about that, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by murray87 View Post
    Anyone think Mikey Boy will sign the Nike spokesman?
    Not if there is any possible chance he would help the team.
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    Quote Originally Posted by murray87 View Post
    Anyone think Mikey Boy will sign the Nike spokesman? Would seem appropriate for that dumpster fire.
    I hate to be put in a position to "defend" Mike Brown, but he and Marvin Lewis had Eric Reid (another notorious protester) file a grievance with the NFLPA against them after a free agent visit last year. Brown said something to him about banning players from kneeling then Lewis followed up later with a question about kneeling, and Reid was offended. So the answer to your question is obviously no.

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    Wat are the odds the Bengals blow this lead? Also, if a tree fell in Paul Brown Stadium would anybody....
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    Just keep losing and get your pick of the litter from the next QB crop. It’s your best hope, though it’s hard to win if you don’t have winners from the very top, all the way down. Owner, GM, Coach then QB...then you can figure out the rest.

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