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Thread: Bengals '19

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    Quote Originally Posted by KabeX View Post
    As much as I might not like it - Browns are my pick to win the AFC North AND win a freakin playoff game. Imagine that - as bad and inept as they have been, they will win a playoff game B4 the Bungles. Oy.
    Gun to my head I would say Browns don't win a playoff game. But they sure look like they will be a fun team to watch.

    Coaching is more important in NFL than the other major sports and Kitchens is completely inexperienced and unproven and he has a lot of egos to manage.
    "Iím willing to sacrifice everything for this team. Iím going to dive for every loose ball, close out harder on every shot, block out for every rebound. Iím going to play harder than Iíve ever played. And I need you all to follow me." -MB '17

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    You sure? Bandwagon is almost full and there’s no turning back!

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