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    RIP Frank Robinson

    My first train ride was from Indy to Union Station with the Little League team to see Frank, Nux and my favorite BIG KLU @ Crosley. Note to LL Managers: Never serve soup to kids on a train, it was 6 inches deep.
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    And apparent Xavier alum.

    I can barely remember him playing for the Orioles but do remember he hit a home run in his first game as player-manager for the Indians.

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    Wasn't alive when he played, but it's very hard to overlook someone who won MVP in both leagues. He is still the only player to do so.

    Godspeed Frank.

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    A great player and one of baseballís all time worst trades.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bjf123 View Post
    A great player and one of baseball’s all time worst trades.

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    Obviously the Babe Ruth trade was worse, but is it in the top 3 with it?

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    I think I heard his name before, but never that loud

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