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I'm sure there have been people playing soccer in Cincinnati for years. And I am sure there were some nerds who used to follow European soccer even. And i know Xavier has had a soccer team for a lot of years that no one has really cared about (like the volleyball, tennis, swimming and baseball teams no one really cares about).

But I didn't have to hear about soccer if I didn't want to before. And now it's harder to avoid. Not a big deal, really. Just a minor annoyance.
To be fair, the student section for the Xavier Men's Soccer program was pretty solid from around 2011-2015, just kind of died down after that, there's some pretty cool pictures I could dig up where it was a pretty fun atmosphere. But I definitely understand it's different strokes for different folks, it's just really hard to keep interest in sports outside of the two big ones (football and basketball) for students/fan wise. Sports like baseball, you don't really need a crowd, it can be exciting but the experience is far different than being in the student section at Cintas obviously.