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    Quote Originally Posted by xu koop scoop View Post
    Who might have been at the UMass #1 Marcus Camby game our 1st year in A10. 1995. Our last losing season. We lost in OT to #1 UMass at the Gardens.
    I only bring this up because I don't remember much of any celebrations after dunks or other fancy shots or blocks. Our boys realized they had a chance to do something special & hunkered down on D for every possession. When we were an A10 Tourney #8 seed & blew out #1 undefeated St Joes in A10 Tourney it seemed all business to our players that day. We had to win that tourney just to get an NCAA bid. That business now, party later mentality got us to the
    Elite 8 that year. Celebrate after the victory. Let the other team know fantastic plays are to be expected from you, not celebrated. I realize these memories are from a long ago time, but the celebrations do indeed distract from in game concentration. A 3 second party after a basket can lead to an easy bucket the other way. This ain't a Barnum & Bailey Circus playing on the court. GET SOME PROFESSIONALISM & DISCIPLINE. If you want to go Pro, Act Pro.
    You guys are F-ing crazy to think that celebrating good plays is a recent development. Google image Lenny Brown/Bob Huggins. Grant/West/Frey/Price/Williams/ all showed emotion and celebrated during games. Please go outside and yell at the clouds while you're at it.
    Mama always told me, stupid is as stupid does. @danagardens

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    You people are nuts. In a year where we lost our Coach and 68% of our scoring, how have you landed on celebrating and attitude as a problem? We could turn Xavier into West Point and we would still have the same record. Get real.

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    In Baseball you can hit a Home Run and celebrate. In Football you can score a Touchdown and celebrate. In both those sports, the action stops at that point.
    In Basketball celebrating a Basket can result in a quick inbounds to your man & he's scoring while you are celebrating. I see us stealing balls & celebrating while dribbling down court only to have it stolen back. I see acrobatic dunk shots missed when a simple dunk or layup would suffice. I see other teams do the same. I believe our CURRENT team that will be underdogs most of the rest of our games needs to raise their basketball I.Q. to a higher level than their opponents I.Q. That seems laughable as we usually play at a low I.Q. level. Other teams have better shooters & better defenders. Improving our "mental /
    focus / discipline" (which I believe can be successfully taught) to a level higher than our opponents gives us a fighting chance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caf View Post
    You people are nuts. In a year where we lost our Coach and 68% of our scoring, how have you landed on celebrating and attitude as a problem? We could turn Xavier into West Point and we would still have the same record. Get real.
    So true. For some reason when someone makes a mistake or two in a game, suddenly it becomes attitude, lazy, or they’re dismissive.

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    I would be ecstatic if we were all upset about players only making a mistake or two...

    and unlike the team last year, this team is not likely going to shoot their way back into a game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArizonaXUGrad View Post
    Last thing, Wojo leaving in his best to run up the score is pure Duke bullshit. Karma sucks and I can’t wait to watch it bite his ass.

    Quote Originally Posted by bleedXblue View Post
    Agreed on Wojo. Up 15 under 2 minutes and he leaves his guys in.....Ahole
    Quote Originally Posted by GoMuskies View Post
    Lol, we're the fanbase complaining about running up the score now. Perfect. Wojo was fine.

    There is a change in the way teams rankings/ratings are calculated this year....

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    Quote Originally Posted by username View Post
    No, I don't hate celebrating and having fun. I'm speaking from a practical game strategy standpoint. When you score a touchdown, you've got time to celebrate. Basketball is a little quicker. Have you seriously not seen one of our guys make faces at the camera/dance and not make it back in time to be completely set on defense? It's also pretty embarrassing to act like that and then go on to lose the game in my opinion. If we were firing on all cylinders and dominating, it wouldn't stand out so much. Celebrating your own personal play and not focusing on winning the game as a team is absolutely an indication of the team's faulty mentality this year. I didn't think it was a great idea when I saw it last year, but this year it's not something we can even afford to do.
    This board officially sucks this year more than the team on the floor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by username View Post
    Nice, more personal attacks without a counter argument. Watch a couple X games and see if you can spot one of the guys losing focus and mishandling the next possession. Also remember it's not just about celebrating but also pouting and hanging their head. It's a flaw in mentality, and we're just seeing some of the symptoms. Then watch a couple Nova games and see if similar behavior is being displayed. Those poor NCAA title holders from Nova must be so sad though that they weren't allowed to have fun! Wright is a big meanie!
    This team would still suck if they had different behavior from the one that disapprove of. Its lack of talent on the roster that's the issue. I'd invite you to watch an nba game once in a while, especially one involving lebron james and tell me again how showing emotion one either side of the coin is so awful. Better yet, watch Villanova's championship game last year and maybe you will stop preaching from your pulpit.

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