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Thread: The Wall

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    Build the damn thing....10,000 feet high.
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    Walls on the border certainly do work. A wall will not eliminate illegals and drugs from entering the country, but everywhere on the border where a wall has been constructed there has been a marked reduction in illegals and drugs entering the U.S. Not sure if it’s the best use of resources to build a physical wall along the entire length of the border, but it will reduce illegals and narcotics coming here.

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    If he thinks he can build a wall for $5 billion dollars, then I'm kind of for giving it to him and letting him try. I'd be more in favor of this if I thought that once this failed miserably, which I'm almost certain it would, then that would be the end of it, but it wouldn't be. He'd ask for more, and we'd be right back to where we are now.

    If he wants to put a wall across the entire border, then he's gonna need a lot more than $5 billion. A significant part of the border is privately owned or corporately owned. I'm not sure $5 billion would be enough to acquire all that land even before they started building.

    Much of the geography is desert, or mountains, or swamp. Building a structure like a wall would not be easy, or cheap, and it would be less easy and less cheap to maintain.

    Then there is the Rio Grande. That may be a part of the border where Mexico is willing to pay for the wall. If we build a wall and cut off our side of the river, then we basically cut off the primary water and irrigation source for that entire region and give it to Mexico, who would likely charge those people a ton more than what they're paying for that water.

    But he's gonna build a wall across the border!! For $5 billion dollars!! Okay, sure. It was ridiculous to say that Mexico would pay for it. It's equally ridiculous to say that it can be done for $5 billion.

    The real shame of this is that no one has really asked any of the Border Agents what they think, and if they have, then they've been ignored. The thing is that they all seem to agree that a Great Wall of the United States across the entire border is a very bad idea, but a wall in certain areas is a very good idea and would be very helpful. So, why not do that?? Put a wall across the parts of the border (roughly 20-30 percent) where it would actually be helfpul!

    Of course, that's probably not going to happen. There are those who are against any sort of a wall just because Trump wants it, and will insinuate that anyone who supports it is a bigot no matter how practical their reasoning is. There are others who are for the wall just because the democrats do not want it and will insinuate that they are helping the terrorists no matter how practical their reasons are for not wanting it. It's a clear case of both sides going to such an extreme that both sides are wrong. As some have already mentioned, far more terrorists and drugs come in through the airports, and if you really want to stop the flow of illegals then you need to be just as rough on the companies that hire them as you do anything else. But, there are definitely areas where a wall would help. I'm for putting it there, and only there. Hell, maybe that would only cost $5 billion. But, what's disturbing is that nothing he has said or done indicates that he has any sort of a plan as to how the wall is going to work, and that would be a nice thing to hear before just putting any amount of money toward it. But, we're in the middle of a hissy fit of epically stupid proportions, and no one who is directly involved has really been impacted yet, which is another shame.
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    Walls/Fences in high volume areas (near border cities, roads etc) have shown to reduce inflow. I would not be opposed to expanding some of those. A wall accross the entire border is not only unrealistic to build for $5.6 billion but it is a silly way to address the immigration problem. Illegal Mexico border crossings by all accounts have been on the decline for years. Getting actual numbers is difficult but it’s still estimated that almost half of illegals are expired legal visits.

    Realistically Trump is a lot smarter than he gets credit for from the left in manipulating the media. I truly believe he doesn’t care if there is a wall or not. In fact he recently said a fence would be better. So who knows... it’s all likely a distraction anyways at this point.
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    I am not against updated walls in high populated areas. They are already there as far as I have seen. Some may need repair, toss money at that but $5b is a high number.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lloyd Braun View Post
    Realistically Trump is a lot smarter than he gets credit for from the left in manipulating the media.
    I think you'd be hard pressed to find people even among the left who would deny that. If he's anything he's a genius with the media
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    Maybe if there's leftover funds from the Mexico wall it can be sent to Putin in case he wanw to rebuild the Berlin wall.
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    Heck, when it comes to immigration and Trump, the press has a lot of self inflicted wounds and he doesn’t have to work hard to make them look incompetent.


    - Look at the pictures of immigrants in cages under the Trump admin! Wait those pictures were taken when Obama was president.
    - Trump is separating kids from there family’s. Wait Obama administration did same.
    - Trump uses tear gas on immigrants. Oops- another tactic the Obama administration used.

    Glad to see some of these things have been addressed albeit a few years late.

    As a sovereign nation, we need to secure our border. I could care less on the form: wall, drones, sensors, more border patrol agents, or other technologies. Unfortunately neither side of the aisle has communicated what it should look like. Someone please give us a freakin plan! Trump sounded idiotic when he said Mexico was going to pay for the wall and Democrats come off like they don’t care about securing the border. Great, stupid talking points for both sides and we again get to see what a dysfunctional government looks like.

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    I've lived in Muirfield since 1992 and the Muirfield Assn. refuses to allow walls/fences, etc. However, I live in abject fear each spring, summer and fall that deer will come into my yard and eat our hostas and infect me or my family with Lyme disease. Also, I fear that my neighbor's leaves will blow into my yard and make me spend too much time cleaning up after him. Finally there are small children living nearby and I'm fearful that they will run into my yard and bite me. So, I am going to the next Muirfield Assn. meeting and insist that I be allowed to build a wall around my entire yard for these reasons and that they MUST pay for it.

    I'll let you all know how that turns out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vee4xu View Post
    Maybe if there's leftover funds from the Mexico wall it can be sent to Putin in case he wanw to rebuild the Berlin wall.
    To keep people from entering or leaving..... quite a difference. Kind of like apples n oranges.

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