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Thread: Triplets!!!

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    So my wife is 16 weeks along with triplets! (We currently have a 2.5 yr old) Anyone have multiples or lots of kids close in age? Got any advice? We have had some time for it to sink in and the shock is wearing off and getting excited but also feeling overwhelmed. Life wont ever be the same, but we are ready for all the craziness. Pray for us!
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    WOW! That’s amazing, and it must be overwhelming to you now. God doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle, so this is a wonderful blessing. I promise! Life will NEVER be the same, that’s a promise for everyone. As somebody (Einstein?) said, you must be willing to give up what you are to become what you will be (or something like that). You are about to become a LOT more busy, but even more blessed. Prayers and best wishes!

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    * Noise canceling headphones (for you once they are a bit older)

    * color differentiating clothing to tell them apart OR I've heard tattoos help


    I had friends in school who were triplets. Two identical boys and a girl, who looked similar, yet only in a sibling sense.

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    Congrats! Great news.

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    I’m a twin. My mom and dad had 5 kids all within 4 years. I have no idea how they did it. I hope that you have family and close friends close by. My only advice is to not make any plans that can’t be changed at the last minute and don’t expect that things will always go according to plan. Don’t try to be the “perfect” parents or expect the kids to be the “perfect” kids. Take it day by day and try to enjoy the chaos and the journey. Congratulations, you will get to experience life as few have the opportunity to do. Be thankful.

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    First of all, congratulations. My wife and I are the proud parents of 2 year old twins and every day is an adventure. There will be times when you think you are going completely crazy and that's normal :) . One piece of advice that I can give is have a routine as much as possible and stick to it. There will be times where that routine is completely effed up and that's ok but try to stick to it.

    My second piece of advice is seek out help now and get it lined up. Not sure if grandparents or siblings are close by, but enlist their help if they are. If they aren't, get babysitters or nanny lined up. There are going to be times where you just need a break even if it is for an hour where you are not cleaning up poop, vomit or whatever else.

    Third piece of advice, remember you and your wife are a team, and you need each other now more than ever. Lean on each other and be honest with each other. There were times in that first year (it gets so much easier after year one) when either my wife and I would say to the other "I need a break" and one of us would hold down the fort so the other could collect their thoughts and emotions for a little bit.

    Last thing I can say is though its extremely hard (especially in the first year), being a parent of multiples is completely awesome in ways I can not explain. You will understand in a year or two :) . Enjoy the ride thru all the peaks and valleys and just know that love will get you thru it.

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    Only piece of advice- start working on your zone defense.

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    Wow. Congrats. It'll be a tough first few years, but you will have a blast.

    Funny story: My wife and I thought we were having triplets about 3 years ago. I had just accepted a transfer from Cincinnati (where both of our families are) to Philadelphia. We knew my wife was pregnant, but assumed only 1 baby. We already had a 2 year old at the time. We went to the Doctor an hour before we were going to put in an offer on a house in Philly and they found 3 embryos. We decided to postpone the move and stay in Cincinnati for a few more years - fortunately my company was very accommodating. The next time we went back to the Doctor there were only 2 embryos and we ended up having twins (both boys). My sons are now 5 (oldest) and 2.5 (twins) and we have since made the originally planned move to the Philadelphia area (Cherry Hill New Jersey to be specific).

    The first 1 - 2 years with the twins was tough, but you get through it. Just hang in there and try to enjoy it as much as you can. Get help. If you aren't near family try to find a way to get your wife in-home help. It can get expensive, but it's worth it. Get 3 baby swings - lower profile ones like a rockaroo or similar. It will be tough for a while. Plan ahead. Support your wife. Get used to the idea of not doing much for a while. You will love it though.

    The great thing now that my boys are older is watching how close they are becoming. You basically have a built in social network for the kids. You can go anywhere and do anything and as long as they have each other they are fine. We moved 10 hrs from family and nobody cared. At all.

    Good Luck! Feel free to PM me if you have any specific questions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by D-West & PO-Z View Post
    So my wife is 16 weeks along with triplets! (We currently have a 2.5 yr old) Anyone have multiples or lots of kids close in age? Got any advice? We have had some time for it to sink in and the shock is wearing off and getting excited but also feeling overwhelmed. Life wont ever be the same, but we are ready for all the craziness. Pray for us!
    Congratulations! I think you're looking at more of a zone defense and far less man to man defense from here on out.
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    Congratulations, I have no experience yet but my wife is pregnant with twins at the moment. She is a bit over 18 weeks along.

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