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    Quote Originally Posted by drudy23 View Post
    Naji is at his best as a slasher and in the open court, and Q is at his best as a distributor and attacking the basket. Neither of these guys can be successful in these roles without perimeter guys that open up the lane. And coaches know this. None of them are going to allow the lanes to open for either Naji or Q, as opposing coaches know these are our best players.

    Without a consistent shooting threat, they will continue to struggle out on the perimeter. It's not their game. But what's the alternative?
    Scruggs and Welage are both shooting over 40% for the year from 3. I see Naji and Q settling for the 3 ball more often than them "having" to take that shot.

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    Neither can get to the rim and are taking way too many shots they shouldn't be taking because of it.

    I'm all for Scruggs and Welage getting more shots. I also don't think you can sit Welage as much as he sits even with his defensive deficiencies. You need a guy that can stretch the floor. It opens it up for everyone else. I'm also open to Harden playing more as he's at least shown some ability to hit some shots.

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    I just rewatched last years shootout and am pretending like yesterday never happened.

    Can't wait to see what Tre and JP do next game! Yay!
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