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    Good interview with Freemante

    Reporter: How important was it to get the lead.

    High school quote of the year from Freemante: ďitís so important, if you never get the lead you canít win.Ē
    This kid has high D-1 interview skills already. Hopefully he has a lot of opportunities to use them over the next 4 years!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MHettel View Post

    He's got that nasty chip on his shoulder. The team should have a JP Macura award handed out every year. That should be the goal of EVERY player.

    Im thinking Kevin Frey. Physical big with an attitude.
    I thought Kevin Frey immediately too.

    Steele and coaches probably recruit 2-4 hours a day so Zach Harvey knows all about X.

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    ZFree and BC go down in the championship but he had another great game in the loss. Glad to see he avoided any injury this season and can now set his sights on X in the fall.
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    I think Freemantle’s development over next season could determine how good Xavier will be. If he can pick up high D1 pick and roll/help defense quickly, then Xavier could be playing for a pretty high seed next season. This is also under the assumption Tandy and Bishop can be at least decent threats on offense

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