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    David West on Bomani Jones podcast

    I'm not sure if any of you heard this, but the link is posted here

    Anyways, when I left my daughter's play on Saturday night, I happened to have ESPN radio on in the car. I was listening to an interview, which I found to be interesting. It was not until about 10 minutes into the interview that it was mentioned that the interviewee went to Xavier. About 10 minutes later, I realized it was David West. I was lucky enough to graduate from X with D West (fellow 03 grad) and knew him to be a great person and highly intelligent. The interview just provided more fuel to that fire. My God, it was one of the best interviews of an athlete I have ever heard. I HIGHLY recommend you all take some time to listen to the interview.

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    Great interview. I’d heard about this league, but Dave goes into depth about it. And I love the concept. I hope it succeeds!
    "Some of our guys thought defense was a town in Chile. Other guys thought defense was something you put up around d-house to keep out d-dog and d-cat." Pete Gillen

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    This was the first time I've heard about the Historical Basketball League. I'm really interested to see what direction things go in for this. West was an impressive representative for showing the vision.

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