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Thread: RIP Bill Daily

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    Well done MOR.
    X A V I E R

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    Thanks for sharing that great post MOR.

    Thanks Dash for letting us know.

    Oh my... Very sad news. Bill Daily was certainly one of a kind. I knew he had a hand in shaping athletics at X, but I did not know he was so instrumental in keeping all of the sports programs (including basketball) alive.

    I was one of the fortunate ones who got to know Bill Daily at X and even took his Group Dynamics class as an elective many years ago. What a character- what a joy it was to have a discussion with that special man. He was fun and funny. Smart yet never pretentious or full of himself. Always offering a smile along with some words that got you smiling back. One of my favorite professors and persons at X. I feel truly blessed to have known him and learned from him... and now I know I should be grateful to him for saving Xavier sports (especially the hoops program).

    Bill Daily... you will be missed. You have lived a very good and meaningful life - you have made a positive impact on my life and on the lives of so many others.

    Thank you!

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    Another member of the XU Athletic Board in the late ‘70’s Mike Bachman, has told me that many don’t know how truly close to the edge of Division 3 Xavier was under Mulligan. Just imagine Xavier today as a 1,500 student NAIA commuter school with no Cintas Center, no development at all across Cleaney, Ledgewood Avenue still open, and zero national presence. Hell, it’s debateable if the school would have even survived with the money woes it was having under Mulligan. That’s why when Mulligan left he went to St. Louis U as an assistant to the President and never got a head job again. Mulligan was the antithesis of Top Jimmy Hoff.
    Doctor Bill Daily is an Icon. #NeverForget
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    I never met Bill Daily but I have certainly heard of him. I have seen him several times at Duff's before games. I beleve he is the father of Xavier basketball as we know it today. Fr. Hoff and Sr. Fleming have banners flying high above the Cintas Center floor. If it wasn't for Dr. Daily, those banners would at best be flying over the Schmidt Fieldhouse. My two daughters both attended Ohio University and are in attendance tonight. Without Bill Daily, we would be 20 point underdogs and probably playing in Athens if OU would have us. Prayers for his family and RIP. Thanks for your contributions at Xavier.

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