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Thread: Other MB Games

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulxu View Post
    Someone throws a stuffed animal on the court at Georgia.
    Technical. Couple shots. Mississippi state wins by one.
    I remember a few years ago Mick Cronin wanted a technical called during the Crosstown Shootout because someone threw one of the balls from the “Ball Toss” onto the court. Turns out, it was a UC fan that threw the ball. How in the world can the refs police that sort of thing? How can you stop someone from doing this on purpose to help their team on the road?

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    Mick needs help at Cintas.
    I don't think he's ever won there.
    ...he went up late, and I was already up there.

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    The last season Indiana collapsed like this midseason, their coach was throwing a chair onto the court.

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